Business Mom International – by Ichel Heerschop

Thé business growth Mompreneur and International motivational Speaker

Ichel was born and raised in Curacao. The Netherlands is currently where she resides with her husband and lovely daughter. She is indeed a Mom and wife and also a world orientated business entrepreneur, mentor, coach, mediator and a friend. She is the Founder and creator of Business Mom International. A Mompreneur pur sang.

Her passion is to help moms flourish in their business and helping them create balance in both their personal and business life. She is known as a powerful speaker, impact driven Business Lifecoach,  mentor, motivational speaker and mediator.

Being a mom and at the same time as well established entrepreneur, Ichel is driven in changing lives of Mompreneurs all over the world by way of growing their businesses and enabling them to create personal growth.

Through unique services (online programs, workshops, masterclasses), tailor-made VIP business lifecoaching and mentoring, empowerment speaking engagements, is she dedicated to coach, support and equip moms to achieve any goals in their lives whether business, personal and family life. By providing a step-by-step Business Growth plan Ichel guides every Business Mom to get a renewed mindset, spiritual consciousness moreover, a positive self-esteem through which moms will achieve both a desired personal and business balanced lifestyle. Many mothers’ successful stories have been a testimony following the major experience changes as a result. The Mompreneurs are able to spend more quality time, enjoying incredible moments with beloved family and friends but most important doing what they love.


Ichel’s life is a chain of testimonies of many breakthroughs. The impact of transforming a mindset, embracing the power of living a conscious life and accepting the scars of the past, to have a clear mission and vision with a successful business today is what she experienced throughout her upbringing.

Although great accomplishments took place, there were many challenges on the road to success.


“Thank you Ichel! Wow the positive energy you feel at your workshop is so great it fuels you to keep on going! I am so happy and blessed for this gift. It’s good to know that I am on the right track! And good to know that I have a mentor that can keep me on it and gived me the tools to do it!”

Jacqueline Gonzalez, Caterer

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From poverty to abundance

Ichel grew up in a hostile family situation. She knows what it is too live in limited financial situations including all the consequences attached to this. Her dad was a very aggressive man, an alcoholic. The few days of the week he were sober everything felt like heaven. Living in that situation was very difficult. One of the main reasons why her mom suffered a lot. In spite of this her mom managed to remain strong for her children. Ichel’s mom is her hero, a role model how a woman and mom was able to stand, have courage and be bold. However, every situation has a solution. Terrible periods and circumstances in life will never last forever. After the passing away of Ichel’s  father, many things changed in her life.

The start of her business journey
She had always been eager to learn. During growing up, her mother thought her many things but mostly how she could create more income with a small investment. Who knew that those years receiving her mother’s teaching were her training years that formed the basis which would transform Ichel’s life in the years to come. Ichel was more than ready and determined to bring change in her families’ financial situation and at the age of 13 she started her own business to support her mother.


Positively impacting over 10.000 people

She serves and delivers.
Over the past 15 years Ichel has positively impacted over more than 10.000 lives. Helping people men, women, families, getting clarity and insights in their personal and business lives. Her first consultancy business started in 2009. At that time she managed to change her employee salary of 4 figures to a business income growing up to 6 figures. Ichel had been working with families from different background and nationalities and saw during these 15 years what moms go through. Based on her personal experience in life, becoming a mother in 2012 and 15 years of experience, she decided to start helping moms.  She noticed the struggle that moms go through to start and growing a business.

She’s is of the tough love and moves from a space of love and kindness

When she saw the struggles, she was deeply touched. She realizes what it meant for a mom to create her own income source which could sustain her; from that moment, Ichel’s mission was born. In 2016 she started Ondernemende Mama to help business moms create and grow their business income in their desired field, next to that for them to still have quality time and at the same time enjoy their family lives.


Ichel always dreamed of doing great things…

during her life and create memorable stories and leave a legacy. Ichel grabbed her chance to do what she loved during the period of 2008-2011. She is very proud to tell you about this huge project, in which she was able to lead and coach a great group of clients for the local government of Schiedam (The Netherlands).

Together with a group of social security Consultants and Coaches she booked significant results and managed to help both the citizens of the local community and government on the social and financial area; she left a great impression. The local citizens got the opportunity through effective coaching including experienced based advise, to change their lives to be participants of the community by finding jobs, helping as volunteers or starting their own businesses.

With Ichel’s participation in this leading project, the government of Schiedam received an estimated financial profit of 7 figures. In addition, because of this exceptional achievement, the Queen of the Netherlands, at that time our Majesty was still in the office of being Princess Maxima Zorreguietta – van Oranje Nassau, has visited this impactable project. This memorable achievement during this project in 2009 was an evidence of heart wishes that suddenly become true (Divosa congress 2009, a big governmental yearly congress). This immense honor was given due to the value that the project added to peoples’ lives, one of Ichel’s main life principles!


What about Today

Today, together with her husband, Ichel runs a growing company Get a parent company of Business Mom International. Helping many entrepreneurs from the Netherlands and globally to re-discover themselves, helping them grow their business incomes putting their business back on track and create more and more value for their customers but still organize to enjoy amazing quality time. With the purpose to do smart business on high level. We are always building relationships through connecting, growing, flourishing businesses, making it possible for families to have a better social and financial contribution in any community worldwide. This is what makes Ichel shine.