2020/01/01 10:00:00

Until the opening of Business Mom Campus

Start your journey today with us and learn that you no longer have to choose between
having a happy family life and being an ambitious, successful Business Mom.

Business Mom Campus

Hi Business Mom!

Do you want to invest more in your business? Discover your power, get quick and bigger results with your business while enjoying a happy family lifestyle.

In our Business Mom Campus, we offer practical online courses that will help you through your business journey and reach your highest potential as a Business Mom.
We coach, educate and train entrepreneurial mothers to grow their successful business on a strong and solid foundation, focusing on these three points of improvement:

The Business Mom Campus is created for you!
We have two exclusive packages to offer you

WOSM | 13 week online course
€ 600,-

Extra In-dept courses:

  1. From lead to client
  2. Pitch your business successfully
  3. From debts to booming business
  4. Goal setting
  5. Sales skills & Customer Lifecycle
  6. How to monotize your talent
  • 2 x Mindset affirmations for 90 days.

WOSM 13 weeks advanced course
€ 1450,-

Extra In-dept courses:

  1. Negotiation like a pro to win
  2. Investments and trading
  3. Gamechangers
  4. Master your business and grow (power BI)
  5. Impactable leadership
  6. Business Journey
  7. Go Global an expand
  8. How to transform form employee to entrepre. Mindset .