Hi Business Mom!

Are you feeling like you are neglecting your family in favor of business?

 Doing too much on your own and struggling to organize a team?

Maybe you are dragging yourself through an 80-hours work week as a “new normal,” and looking desperately for a change! 

Am I talking to you?

Discover your power, get quick and bigger Results with your business while enjoying a happy family lifestyle

First, let’s talk about some facts

Gender inequality is still a huge issue, especially when it comes to business, and even more when you are both a businesswoman and a mother. Countless clever Business Moms are struggling to be financially independent, create a viable and sustainable income stream, and grow their own business while supporting their families.

I believe money is more influential than we woman/mothers are willing to accept.

Check of one of these Business Mom lifestyle issues aligns with your current situation.
If so, read further to see what we can offer you:


  • Are you able to take your family on vacation without worrying about money?
  • Did you of your husband/partner miss one or more birthdays of your children because of money related reasons?
  • Is working 80-hours a week your new “normal”?
  • Are you still doing a lot of your business task alone without a team?
  • Are you “scared” of growing your business global and helping more clients?
  • Are you coming short in time, money, and a system that works for you? 

See how we can help you to keep the upgoing track, strengthen your financial state more, expand on global grounds and find out that you no longer have to choose between your family or being an ambitious, successful Business Mom.



In our Business Mom Campus, we offer courses, web classes, training, and masterclasses that will help you through your business journey.

You will discover the principles and practices you need to build an increasingly successful company without denying your ambitious ideals and while raising happy kids in a lovely family lifestyle.

Do you want to pass from a challenging financial state to abundance, building your company and expand without making new debts but multiplying from own resources? Then I might be the one you need right now.

At this stage, I guess you want to know more about me …

I grew up in poverty. My father died when I was 12 years old. So my single mother of 4 children educated me to be strong and survive. Despite all efforts, life pushed me to the edge. A few years ago, I was broke. That broke. I lost much amount of money. My business journey that started on Curacao finished hard and lousy there. So I immigrated to the Netherlands to study and better my life. I got a great job, but I was in a toxic relationship that was breaking me down, holding me back of doing what I love as an entrepreneur. I tried several times to start again before, but I could not keep it. I did not have a great support of my partner at that time, and no guidance, lack of resources, and I was short on up-to-date practical business knowledge. As a sad story ends, I decided to leave my ex and was homeless.

Who I am

That season was heavy. The economic crises hit hard. As an employee, I was scared to lose my job. In 2008 we were through one of the biggest world financial crisis in our time. I am sure you remember how it was. Big internationals went down, and uncountable small businesses went bankrupt. Some others that survived are still recovering from that season.

I was unhappy; uncomfortable; hiding my true self; feeling lonely; embarrassed; I used to cry in silence; I became the best in hiding my true self that people standing in front of me could not see how sad I was; I was broke; disappointed about how life treated me. It got worse when I became a mother. I felt like, I would not make it anymore, because I have to quit my ambitions. Postpone my plans for a while or maybe forever and focus on my daughter. I felt for a long time that I had to let go of my talents, gifts, knowledge, and wisdom; these are the only things that I possessed. These are part of me I can not deny. It’s all that makes me, me. I felt I had to let all that go away.

However, things got better…

today I am a successful Mother, Woman, Wife, and Business
Mom and a trustful Friend for many. Against all expectations, I met my loving husband, dare to start my first company in Holland in 2009. As a self-employed Expert in coaching people for rising again by creating an income on their own, a Social security advisor, Trainer, I made my first 6-figure in less than 14 months. In that time I did it, alone. No team. It was harassing long days, today I know better. I developed during my 20-years career and the last 10 years of intensive entrepreneurship a successful method to guide, coach my customers. Helping them exceed their expectation resulting in being steady entrepreneurs, with insights and perspective to expand more.

For already seven years, my husband and I are working together in our company serving start-up -, small business owners, stock-exchange listed companies with offices all over the world and helping them create massive income, finding more clients than they have ever expected, finding ways to refine their product and services.

My life changed since I decided to rise to a higher level. I live a purposeful and do what I love the most. Today I inspire thousands with my online appearance, I speak to many in countries all over the world, I train many, and I coach the ones who happen to find me on their way to success.

We have a great family, we run our businesses together and help others reach their highest potential personally but also serving big internationals. I understand today that money is essential to give me access to what I want, to maintain my family and spent countless quality time with our daughter.

Don’t you want this for you as well?

Business development made easy

The campus with PRACTICAL programs for Business Moms Only!

The Business Mom Campus is established to serve You the best!

We bring you all the resources you need to grow as a successful Business Mom. With our courses, coaching, and live business training events, you’ll quickly make progress in all crucial areas, such as business leadership, mindset, and health. We will help you build a system that works for you. We are ready to help you grow your business globally, with 24/7 online guidance accessible from anywhere in the world.

We have two exclusive packages to offer you


We know that you are coming from a search and research journey, and we want to give you some rest.

We created our packages to help you find your way fast and start seeing results from the beginning. When you have a satisfying experience and your eagerness to learn grow, there is no reason to receive countable emails to empower you. We do most communication via our Campus, so you don’t need to use your valuable time to check out emails again and again.

In the Business Mom Campus, you will also find new courses, web classes, and live events published regularly.

You will also find short, to the point videos, checklists, templates, and practical information from experts and real entrepreneurs. You can immediately implement our learnings, tips, and insights in your business and all-important area of your life.


Let’s see what’s in each package for you.



We have more Premium for you ….

You get all this exclusivity not for € 1148,00 but for only …


€ 470,00 per year excl VAT
+ 2 free months

Your Membership benefits

  • 24/7 Free Access to our online campus

  • Access to all our free online courses

  • 50% discount on our Premium Membership!

    (regular price € 94,00 excl vat per month, for
    full lifetime package)

  • Access to our Business group on Facebook

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  • Full support during your business journey!

  • Also, a global community of Business Moms will be at your disposal.

Start your journey today with us!

Don’t take our word. Listen to what other Business Moms say!

~ Urmila Singh, Founder The Bridal Artist

Amazing review of Urmila about our 2-days Intensive Signature Workshop “Take Action and Create more Income”

~ Katja Koevoet, Founder Katja’s Photo Art

Engaging review of Katja on our Workshop “Take Action and Create more Income”

~ Charlotte Dhuzong, Event Strategist

Inspiring review of Charlotte on our Workshop “Take Action and Create more Income”

7 benefits when working with us:

√ All in One

 The lessons are all in one place, so you do not need to find out the wheel again


You can benefit financially by increasing your cash flow and see your monthly revenue arise exceedingly by serving your clients from all over the world.


Receive valuable insights and formats to help you manage at home, in your personal life and company. You will create a happy lifestyle, build a successful business while making you more and more money

√ More Time

Manage your time as you like. Get access 24/7 to the campus and decide when and where you are going to work on your dream company.


Learn how to use your business skills on a higher level and reach more than you ever expected.


Find the secrets about how to multiply your revenue fast and easy just by implementing the right steps into your processes.


get more understanding of the new way of growing your business making it possible for you to be successful on the three main areas of your life.

Imagine you now …

…. being able to take your family to vacation without worrying about money. Neither would you be missing a birthday party for your children again. You can make your vacation any time that suits you. No 80-hours work week for you anymore. No more DIY because you created a team that works with you and built a system that makes you enough money so you can live a worry-free lifestyle and don’t need to be worrying about the next client.

That can all be yours if you join our Business Mom Campus and start working on your financial independency, increase your income more, grow your business globally, serve your clients from anywhere in the world and through a system that you’re your need and works for you. So on top, you will be enjoying all the benefits of more time and more money!

“Start your journey today with us and learn that you no longer have to choose between having a happy family life and being an ambitious, successful Business Mom.”