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RTL4 Life is Beautiful (2018)

I was guest in a special episode of RTL4’s “Life is Beautiful”. This was my debut on national television (The Netherlands). It was a very inspiring day, and experience worth for every Business Mom that wants to grow their business local as well. Broadcasted October 28th and November 3rd 2018.

Online Media

Global Magazine, October 28th, 2018

This is Ichel Heerschop initial interview of many more that will follow on the international platform of Global and others. On this platform and magazine, there were lots of other amazing and well-known leaders featured. They are from all over the world both businesswoman and men as well. Global women and leaders like, Ona Brown, daughter of world-renowned motivational speaker Les Brown, Veronica Tan, Co-Founder of Succes Resources, world’s biggest seminar organizer, Giovana Vega, Director of Global Woman Club Amsterdam and well-known international Trading woman, to name a few. With 200K Followers worldwide in more than 18 countries is Global woman club one of the growing platforms for women worldwide. I am honored to have the chance to inspire Entrepreneurs and Business Moms globally and to share why I believe that ‘Business Moms make the best Entrepreneurs’.

Lively Lives - Ichel Heerschop

Lively Lives (2018)

Great interview on the Lively Lives platform where I explain how my personal background motivated me to start with Business Mom International.


BusinessMomInternational - Media

Parool (2017)

Combining motherhood with running your successful company… it is possible. Parool interviewed me together with one of our values customers on how this can be done.