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Development & Independence

With 20+ years of experience, Ichel and her team will train you to run and grow your business successfully–while maintaining a healthy work-life balance in these chaotic times…

Our online learning platform is designed for married moms, single moms, working moms, entrepreneurial moms, business-owner moms, or their supportive partners.

You can watch the trainings at your own pace from the comfort of your home and apply practical tools we provide you for maximum impact. You won’t need to go to expensive business classes anymore.

Get the time-tested, business knowledge you need to run and grow your business successfully —all-in-one place.

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Mentorship & Coaching

Empowerment & Independence

It’s said that 1 hour spent with a wise mentor is like reading 500 books at a time. That’s how powerful mentorship and coaching can be.

Learning from your mistakes is admirable. But it’s better to learn from other people’s mistakes because great mentors save you the most important and un-replenish-able resource in the world– your time.

You can cut your learning curve by decades if you happen to find a mentor who has run businesses successfully that you are trying to run now.

Remember Isaac Newton once said, emphasizing the need for mentorship. “If I’ve seen further than others, it’s by standing upon the shoulders of giants”.


Start your journey to an exclusive coaching experience by first working on your Business Development Mind map.

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Empowerment & Development

Business Mom International hosts a mix of Live-streaming and In-person networking events for you to choose from.

Our live streams give you a chance to connect with global audience, help you pitch your business ideas to angel-investors, and network with like-minded people for maximum impact.

On the other hand, if you are more old-school then our grand-style networking events can leave you awe-struck for sure. We organize these special events every 6 month.

Not only we give you the opportunity to network both online and offline, but we let you apply for public speaking gigs as our corporate trainer.

So keep an eye out for all these exciting opportunities here!

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Referrals & Giving Back

Community Needs You

We love to give back to our community!
And, Collaboration is an essential activity in our Mom company. The reason why we created a way of giving back while you are earning more is to create your desired lifestyle.

Step in this opportunity we are offering you today. We organize it so you can help us help others only by investing your time, love and care for people around the world. While you are educating yourself, we get the chance to help another family because you are referring new clients to us.

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